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And I'm ready to drop *_

So this week has been amazing.
I love spending time with Auston and Justin and Britt. They are so crazy and full of life. It makes me feel...good.
Auston makes me feel like I'm worth something so much more than I always thought.
Justin makes me laugh and feel like I'm worthy of being someone's best friend.
And Britt...she's amazing. I love her like she were my sister.
Swimming and hot tub and sauna...warm and fun. And no school. Aww golly gee it was amazing.

And just a fun tidbit to end the day...
PsychoticSnowmen: u realy should have came over i made fresh chocolet chip cookies
Hey Nikki Em: awww gee
Hey Nikki Em: man golly poop.
Tags: happy
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