Nikki Burwell (i_need_him) wrote,
Nikki Burwell

And the verdict is...

Oh wow.

Today was one of the best days in such a long time....

Auston's meeting was today...

I was so scared.

I went into the meeting and sat there...almost shaking...I was near tears when they began...they announced why he was expelled in such a cold, clear voice that you could just tell that it wasn't anything more than a case to that woman...I bit my lip so hard it almost brought blood. But the meeting went okay. I was so proud of my baby...he took it like a man. He has grown so much and I can tell just by looking at him that he's no longer the boy I met a year and a half ago. ((our one & a half year anniversary is in a week or so)) Anyways, we got through the meeting, then walked out so they could deliberate. I was so scared...I started to cry but Brandi stood with me and prayed with me so the tears stopped. A few minutes later ((it felt like an eternity)) they called us back. Every single one of those board members agreed: He gets re-instated in the fall. October 5th. Mark your calenders children =].

And a special thanks to Brandi who was there for me. I really needed you today. I love you hun =]

::gosh:: I have waited for this day for almost a year. I am so happy.

Night, loves =D

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