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Spring Break....ducks...birthday!

Spring Break is coming to an end...It was very, very fun though!

My mom left for a conference and left me with my Aunt all weekend...ay yi yi that was crazy...but it was okay because I saw Auston like...constantly...

Monday was Jess' was fun =D

I got to drive the cute yellow truck again! YAY

Thursday Auston and I hung out. We fed ducks, went for a bike ride, jumped on a trampoline...
It was fun =D

Friday I went to his house. He tried to teach me how to ride a unicycle...I fell on my butt and hurt myself =P
I'm such a nerd =D
Then it started raining...another *perfect moment*...::sigh:: we danced, we was amazing...

Then we hung out in his convertable, it's this gorgeous blue skylark....I ♥ it! He passed his road test first try =D so he'll be getting his license within 2 weeks.

My birthday is on excited!! Sweeet 16 for Nikki =D

I can't wait. I hope it's an *amazing* day!




::smiles all around::


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